DNA-based solutions for various activities. Would you like that? Think of DNA

Genetic sequencing and DNA identification solutions can cover a wide range of agribusiness activities, helping to add value to products, comply with legislation and solve problems in a more agile, accurate and secure way. Have you thought about it? Think of DNA.

Livestock, Poultry, Aquaculture and animal husbandry in general

  • Species identification.
  • Genetic profiles of matrices.
  • Identification of pathogenic organisms in soil and water samples.


  • Identification of soil microorganisms to analyze the diversity and quality of the microbial community, as well as the presence of beneficial microorganisms in the nutrient/organic matter cycling processes.
  • Quickly and accurately identifying the presence of pests or pathogens in plants and soil, preventing their spread.
  • Identification of resistance genes to diseases of agronomic importance.
  • Genetic profiles of matrices.

GenomaA Biotech.

Science, technology and innovation for the valorization of Brazilian agribusiness. Think about it. Think of DNA.

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