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Soil genetic analysis as the foundation of regenerative agriculture

28 fev 2023

Regenerative agriculture practices are a set of agricultural techniques that prioritize health, biodiversity and the soil ecosystem. Some examples are cover cropping, crop rotation and reduced tillage, which also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, regenerative...

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Ways to a standing forest

22 jun 2022

By Alexsandro Vanin and Fernanda Pereira* The destruction of the Amazon continues at a strong pace. According to data from the Deforestation Alert System (SAD) of the Institute for Man and the Environment of the Amazon...

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How does the war between Russia and Ukraine influence the…

09 mar 2022

By Julia Helena Galante Russia and Belarus are among the main exporters of potassium chloride (KCl) in the world, together with Canada and China, representing 80% of world production of the input (CEPEA/ESALQ-USP). Despite being an...

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