Precision monitoring and quick response to keep your business productive.

The precision and agility of genetic sequencing and DNA identification solutions bring safety and high productivity to biological processes carried out in industries.

Want competitiveness? Think of DNA.


Validation and/or monitoring of the quality of bioinputs and biological processes. Accurate monitoring in the management of the production process allows reducing consumption of inputs and maintaining productivity, which makes the entire process environmentally and economically more sustainable.


Identifying and monitoring process contamination is key to maintaining high productivity in fermentation-based industries. We offer a quick and accurate response in identifying microorganisms that may be disrupting your busines.


In the food industry, we offer the possibility of identifying contaminating microorganisms or the presence of genes associated with the production of toxins.

GenomaA Biotech.

Science, technology and innovation for the valorization of Brazilian industry. Think about it. Think of DNA.

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