Providing the best is

in our DNA!

GenomaA Biotech is a company specializing in molecular biology that provides genetic sequencing and DNA species identification solutions for a wide range of applications in agribusiness ( forest, agriculture, livestock and forestry) and the environment, as well as in the bio-input, food (dairy, beverages, pasta and others) and sugar-alcohol industries.

GenomaA’s genetic sequencing and DNA species identification solutions provide for improved productivity and profitability for its clients, as well as faster, more accurate and safer solutions to technical problems.

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The best service on the market

Being connected and responding quickly and efficiently, understanding the real needs and demands of our clients is essential for finding solutions and profitability in business.

We specialize in providing answers and the best solutions to our clients through personalized and exclusive service. After all, providing the best is in our DNA!


Fernanda Bortolanza

General coordinator

Danielle Gregório

Associate Consultant

Fabiana de Souza

Associate Consultant

Daiane Pereira

Project Analyst

Gabriel Siloto

Laboratory Analyst

Adriana Sturion

Research Analyst and Development

Gabriel Mateuzzo

Laboratory Assistant

Safira Barbosa

Laboratory Assistant